Kudzu Alcoholism

In reality it wasn't the alcohol that was killing me, it was the guilt. I had seen my children grow up through an alcoholic haze, let my relationship stretch so far apart - that it almost snapped... and had so wrongly blamed the world for my self-generated poverty.
But.. that was three years ago... my life is now totally transformed... I found my way out of that living hell thanks to a unique remedy. Today - the only regret I have... is that I wish I had found this revolutionary program earlier!
- Sarah-Jayne

Hi, my name is Sarah-Jayne... I am no longer dependant on alcohol.

A little more than three years ago I came across a method that freed me from addiction and allowed me to reclaim my life, today I would like to help you do the same!

I thank my recovery to an ancient natural remedy, that originates from  East Asia and an article by Roberta Jewell, that I found in my darkest hour.

The article described a completely new approach to controlling alcohol dependency. The program outlined easy and painless methods that  combined medication, hypnosis, nutritional supplements and simple exercise. It is thanks to Roberta's article that I discovered the amazing effects of Kudzu.

Kudzu is a climbing perennial vine, referred to in China as "the drunkenness dispeller", it has been used for centuries in eastern Asia for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Just how Kudzu works is yet to be defined, because  the mechanisms for this have not been completely established, but it may have to do with both alcohol metabolism and the reward circuits in the brain.

Research into Kudzu is still ongoing, but in a recent well know study by Dr. Scott Lukas of McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical Centre, it was proven that  participants who where given the herbal kudzu extract, drank significantly less alcohol.

On a personal note I know that Kudzu worked for me and I know that combined with the right program of help and support it can work for you.

I would love to introduce you to the program that helped me, but first I would like to help you make a few decisions about the state that you find yourself in right now. 

I do this only, because being in the right frame of mind determines your ability to remain consistent on the path to recovery. From personal experience I know certain decisions (however hard they may be) have to be made to guarantee success.

So - if you need help to quit drinking, the next few pages are food for thought....

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